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Year 6



During the first half of the spring term we will be studying various Greek myths and using them as inspiration for a range of writing activities. King Midas, Persephone, Pandora, Daedalus and Icarus are just a few of the charismatic characters we will encounter. If you enjoy learning about Greek mythology why not take a look at the BBC Bitesize website which has a range of animation and information all about the Ancient Greeks and mythology.


Year 6 Spellings- Words you should know if you want to win the daily spelling challenge


During Numeracy lessons we will be reviewing long division and long multiplication. We will then hone fraction, decimal and percentage skills so everyone is well-prepared for secondary school requirements. All of our learning in Maths will be reinforced through investigation and word problem work

Below are some links to fun websites to brush up on your maths knowledge and practise your tables!


Ancient Greece  is a fascinating topic and one which we will be hard pushed to do justice to in 6 weeks! Within this time we will be learning about this ancient civilisation and the impact it has had on our lives. During the term we will be having a ' Greek Day' in which we will cook and sample greek food, learn some greek language which will help in everyday life and create some traditional greek art. 


In Science this term we will be studying forces. Forces we will be looking at include friction, gravity, water resistance, air resistance among others. The class will have a chance to carry out a range of experiments which will further their understanding of forces.

FORCE and MOTION | Cool Science Experiments for KIDS | Gideon's World of Science

Can a ping pong ball levitate? Can toilet paper fly? Find out in this awesome force and motion science video! We have fun doing cool science experiments demonstrating how force and motion work! We even make a popsicle stick bomb, a balloon rocket and a lot more!

Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber - Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview - BBC Two

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: WATCH full programmes on BBC iPlayer Programme website: Brian Cox visits NASA's Space Power Facility in Ohio to see what happens when a bowling ball and a feather are dropped together under the conditions of outer space.

Force and Motion | Science Video for Kids

There are many things around us. Some are in motion and some are not. The ones which are not moving can be brought into motion by applying force - a push or a pull. Motion can be of different types - straight, zigzag, circular etc.

Art and DT

This term in art we will be creating a piece of artwork inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream. We will be using this image to demonstrate Pandora's reaction to her horrific discovery when opening the box.

Later in the term we will be doing some clay work based on ancient Greek pottery.


Monday - Numeracy Home Learning taken home. Reading books.

Wednesday -  Reading books

Thursday - Deadline for weekly homework. Mental Maths books to be in.

Friday - Spelling test and new spelling given out. Reading books.Weekly homework set.

PE kit and swimming kit in for lessons

Parental information sheet Spring 2019

Parental Information sheet Autumn term