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Bishopton Primary School

‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

25th January

Monday 25th January

To design and label your own 'Green Man' and write a description of his morning. 

Your 'Green Man' must have a name, a home/habitat and a key role to play: do they help gardeners like Grandpa Will? Do they work on their own in the wilder parts of the country? Do they work in forests or nature reserves? Do they care for and help endangered animals in the wild? How do their roles and behaviours change according to the seasons?


Tuesday 26th January

To design and label a new green space. 

To choose one of the spaces that they have seen and that they think could be made greener. Using ideas of their own and from the RHS website, the children should plan what they would ideally like to do with the space. They should think about how long it would take, what they would need, how much it would cost, and what they hope the final impact and benefits would be. The might take a photo of the space as it looks now, and then produce an artist’s impression of what the space could look like after the work has been completed. 


Wednesday 27th January

Treasure Island reading comprehension. 

If you want a challenge select the extra hot reading task.

Thursday 28th January

To use Standard English forms for verb inflections.

Friday 29th January

Read the story 'Mo and the Mine' and summarise what happens during each part of the story. Record this in the original section. E.g. Opening, build up, the exciting bit, resolution and ending.