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Bishopton Primary School

‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

1st February

Monday 1st February

Complete the general summary box.

E.g. Opening, build up, the exciting bit, resolution and ending. 

Complete the first two boxes, the opening and build up for your new story. Add this to the column titled new.

Create a main character, and a second character for your story, draw a picture and come up with 8 facts.



Tuesday 2nd February

Continue planning your own story. Finish off the box plan by filling in the exciting bit, resolution and the ending

Now you have two amazing characters for your story, your next step is the setting. Draw your setting and write down as many facts about it as you can. Is it day or night? What is the weather like? What can your characters see? Hear? Smell? Feel? Touch?

Wednesday 3rd February

To understand what a fronted adverbial is and apply it to your writing.

Thursday 4th February

To use your plans to write the opening and build up.

You must write in paragraphs and include 2 fronted adverbials in each paragraph.

Friday 5th February

To finish writing your story.

This must include, the exciting bit, the resolution and the ending to your story. 

Once you have finished, proof read your work using CUPS.