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Bishopton Primary School

‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

18th January

18/1/21 - Science

Read through the Food Chain PowerPoint and answer the questions. 

Complete the worksheet by arranging the different organisms into food chains.

Challenge - create your own food chain using different organisms.


19.1.21 - R.E.

To research information about the Buddhist celebration of Kathina. 

Write down five generous acts that you could do over the next week. It might be as simple as ‘Smile at other people’ or specific such as ‘Read a bedtime story to my little brother.’ Complete each activity and we will feedback the outcomes on Monday 25th.


Optional: You could create a short vlog of your five generous acts to share with the rest of the class. 




20/1/21 - Art 

To follow the tutorial on how to sketch an eye. Once you have finished, add details and patterns around your sketch, based on what represents you. 


Eye Self Portrait | How to Shade an Eye with a Pencil

Learn how to express yourself with this easy eye drawing tutorial! Start with drawing a basic eye with shading and then branch out with self-portrait symbol...

21/1/21 - French /P.E

Look through the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet. 

Try out a Joe Wicks workout or the 60 second challenge.


22/1/21 - Topic

Task: To come up with two meal ideas. One healthy and one “treat” meal. Draw and label your dinner plate. You could even write a recipe.