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Bishopton Primary School

‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

week beginning 4th January



Watch the daily video and complete the accompanying questions

5/1/2021 Topic

Find out the meaning of key vocabulary and write definitions for words.

6/1/2021 Topic

Find out the dates of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Cut and stick the prehistoric timeline with dates.

Add some information to the attached table.

7/1/2021 Science

Read pages 1-8

List different sources of light.

Read pages 9-10

Answer these questions

Why do we need light?

What is darkness?

What is the difference between a natural light source and a man made light source?

8/1/2021 R.E.

Watch the video about the beginnings of Sikhism.

Think of your own commandments or add to those of Guru Nanak.


8/1/21 French

Heads, shoulders, knees and feet

Copy the words from the French word list.

Have a go at the worksheet.