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‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

22nd February

22/2/21 - Science

Read through the PowerPoint, looking at ways of grouping living things. Then, using the animal cards, sort the living things into a Carroll Diagram. 

You can either use the headings already given or create your own.

Extension: Complete the quiz questions using the animal facts sheet. 

23/2/21 - Geography

Linking to our literacy work based on Monkey and Papa God, you will be learning about the country, Haiti. 

You will need to create a poster or fact file about the country. 

You could use some of the following subheadings to help you:

Flag, capital, population, language, money, location, mountains, natural disasters, people and culture, food and diet or nature (animals and plants). 


24/2/21 - Art

Look at the what is a landscape presentation. 

Select an image of a landscape you would like to sketch. It could be an image from the internet, or a photograph you have. You could also take on the role as a photographer and use a camera or tablet to take photographs of your chosen view, comparing the views and selecting a favourite to sketch.


25/2/21 - R.E./World Book Day/P.E

Study the items and decide 'What is Holy Week and Easter?'


World Book Day competition

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if two characters from different books met each other? Can you imagine the conversation that would be had between Voldemort and the Cheshire Cat? Or what would be discussed if Little Red Riding Hood met Dennis from The Boy in the Dress? What would Cinderella speak to Mrs Twit about? The idea is to create a dialogue between two characters from different books ( try to make them as extreme as possible). The funnier, the better. It might help to think about the characters from the books on your shelves but just remember to focus on the more famous characters from books so everyone can appreciate what you’re writing.



26/2/21 - Geography

Comparing mountain heights by plotting on a chart.

Use a range of geographical source materials to find out the height (from sea level to peak) of some of the world’s most significant mountains, presenting the data in a table or graph. 


You can either use purple mash 2Graph (link below) or paper. Examples below.