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Bishopton Primary School

‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

1st February

1/2/21 - Science

Look at the information about the digestive system and think about any questions you may have. Next, research the answers to the questions on the worksheet.

2/2/21 - R.E. 

Special festivals - Wesak.

Read the PowerPoint and look at the website all about Wesak. Write and draw what happens during the festival.


Optional: Follow the instructions to create a Wesak lantern. 

3/2/21 - PSHE 

Write a letter or design a postcard to send to a member of the class. Write a message to help them with positive thinking, you could include a positive thinking quote. "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" - Roald Dahl.


Choose an activity to complete below. 

4/2/21 - French/PE

Watch the French video clip with Delphine - French greetings/What is your name?

Complete the activity sheets.


Have a go at a Joe Wicks workout or 60 second challenge. 

Why not design your own workout?

French Language Live Lesson Part One | Learn French with Twinkl

Join Delphine, one of our great Twinkl teachers, for an introductory Live Lesson into French. Suitable for all ages (including adults) to have a go at some b...

5/2/21 -Topic

Research and compare the digestive system of a human with that of either a cow, rabbit, lion, chicken, owl, snake, horse, fly, snail or koala. Record key similarities and differences in size and the number of main organs. 

Optional experiment

See if you can complete one of the experiments below.