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22nd February

Tales of Wisdom and Wonder - audiobook

Monkey and Papa God - Haitian

Monday 22nd February 

Monkey and Papa God 

To analyse a picture from the first story and think about what is being discussed by the two characters. 

Tuesday 23rd February

Monkey and Papa God - reading comprehension

 Remember, you have access to the audiobook if you want to hear the story again. 

Wednesday 24th February

Retell the story of Monkey and Papa God using story mapping. 

You could illustrate your story map, design story stones or make props to retell the story.


Thursday 25th February

Create a poem based on honey. 

Build vocabulary around its look, smell, texture and sound. Extend these words and phrases with similes and metaphors to describe the way it moves and flows.

Friday 26th February

To write an alternative version of Monkey and Papa God.

To rewrite the story of Monkey and Papa God with a different main character or different ending. 

What if the traditional story was set in the Arctic?

What if the monkey was a mouse? 

What if Papa God gave the monkey something other than a pack of dogs?


Use your imagination to add a twist to the traditional story.