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Bishopton Primary School

‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

11th January

11/1/21 Science

Look through the Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivores slides and think about the questions. 

Select a habitat from the science challenge cards and present findings. You may want to do this using a Venn diagram.

12/1/21 - R.E.

Explore a Buddhist retreat centre website to find out what a retreat is like.

Plan your own retreat based your own beliefs and interests.

13/1/21 - Art

To create a piece of artwork inspired by Claude Monet and his famous paintings Weeping Willow, Water lilies and Japanese Bridge and The Garden in Flower.

You could think about our class text Lob when coming up with ideas for your artwork.

Be as creative as you like!  



14/1/21 - French

Transport PowerPoint - listen and practise the French words. 



15/1/21 - Topic

Find out which foods contain the most sugar by studying packaging and labels around your house. Record your findings.