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‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

18th January

Monday 18th January 

To write a diary entry in role as Lucy. 

You should reflect back on her day, what she did and how she felt about it in the moment as well as how she feels about it looking back. Is she glad that she came home when she did or does she wish that she had wandered further into the wild woods?

Tuesday 19th January

To write a letter to Lob persuading him to follow Lucy to London.


Wednesday 20th January

Complete the park life worksheet followed by the written task.

Look at the poster to help you. 

Thursday 21st January

To plan a news report.

You will be reporting on how the tree was chopped down, interviewing the builders, who cut the tree down and the villagers.

Friday 22nd January

To write a news report in the style of a script. 

Watch the video below of news reporter Huw Edwards, giving his top tips on how to write a successful news report. 


How do you write a news script? - BBC Young Reporter

Huw Edwards talks about how you can write the news in a way that your audience will understand and be interested in.Subscribe to our channel here: https://bi...