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‘Aim High, Prepare to Achieve’

25th January

25/1/21 - Science

Read through the slides then answer the questions on the worksheet. 

26/1/21 - R.E.

Read through the PowerPoint about special places.

Using the internet, find out about different Buddhist temples around the world. Do they all look the same or do they look different to each other?

Sketch or paint a Buddhist temple of your choice then write a paragraph about how Buddhists worship. 

27/1/21 - Art

Look at magpies on the ground, in trees and in flight. Find images of them and sketch, paint or create a collage of a magpies. Look at Claude Monet's painting titled 'The Magpie' for inspiration. 

28/1/21 - French & P.E.

Look through the Counting to 10 PowerPoint and listen to the song.


Have a go at a Joe Wicks workout or 60 second challenge. 

Why not design your own workout?

Count to Ten | Learn French with Twinkl

Join Delphine for another French language session helping you learn a new skill during this lockdown period. Each week watch Delphine's video and follow up w...

29/1/21 - Topic

Read and answer the questions on the PowerPoint. 

Create an information poster or fact file to tell people what happens to their food once it enters their mouth.

Your poster must include:

Digestive system, mouth, tongue, teeth, oesophagus, stomach, intestine, food.