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We are enjoying sharing books in many areas of the curriculum with Year 1. We are working with Pearson Bug Club to engage the children in class and this is also reflected in the expectation of regular reading at home using your child's Bug Club login. 


Books are allocated at the end of each week and we monitor who has been accessing their accounts. Please make sure you do use Bug Club for regular reading at home, since it will help develop your child's phonic and comprehension skills.


We hope that Bug Club will engage your child and that they will continue to promote a love of reading, which we, at Bishopton, strive to foster. 


The regular routine of sharing these Bug Club books, and any other favourites, will be of real benefit to your child. They will provide a great opportunity too for discussion about characters, settings, plots and any predictions your child may have. 

Year 1 have progressed so well in their reading this year. We are sure they will continue this trend with your support. 


Our Literacy sessions will be based on our topic for the half term, with other books chosen to enhance the children's interest and love of literature.

We are devoted to ensuring the children's understanding of phonics and linking their knowledge with the blending and segmenting of words, enabling them to read and spell a range of words. 

We are currently working hard on ensuring the children can form their letters (and numbers) correctly and building their confidence in writing simple sentences. We are encouraging the use of familiar common exception words and building CVC words to create a sentence that makes sense. 

Oral rehearsal of sentences is an important step in writing and this is something that we are working hard on with the children. 





Throughout Year 1, children have been learning to form letters with the 'flicks', known as precursive letters, so that they can more easily begin to join letters. In class we encourage them to 'have a go' at joining. Often this requires a change from the 'print' letters that they have become used to forming. Once they do 'take the leap' to joining, they will soon find it easier than 'printing' as there is more flow in forming a word.

As a school we subscribe to the website: which you have access to from home. Go to this website, then click login. Username is: lj1396 and password is: home. We have worked through sections: Easy letters, Easy words, Harder letters, Harder words. It is a really helpful guide to the letter formation that children have learnt in school. There are a range of activities within the site, including practising 'high frequency words' which is particularly useful as it will also help the spelling of these words we often need to write. It can be accessed on a tablet, which could be particularly useful for consolidating the correct letter formation. 

Useful Literacy Resources

Precursive letter formation sheet
Capital Letter Formation sheet
Common Exception Word mat for Year 1
High Frequency words Y1 / 2
Phonics resources
Spelling List Autumn 1