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Year 6



This term we will be focusing on poetry in our literacy lessons. The first poet we will be studying is Ted Hughes who will inspire us to write some poetry of our own. Not only will we be writing poems of our own, but we will also be reading a range of poetry which will encourage us to discuss and debate many issues. Written work will be based on the themes of the poems.

Year 6 Spellings- Words you should know if you want to win the daily spelling challenge


Our second half term will begin with arithmetic practice where the focus will be on speed and accuracy of calculations. We will then move on to work on various areas of geometry and developing a better understanding of solving geometry related problems. Throughout this term emphasis will be placed on mastering maths skills through problem solving and investigations.

Below are some links to fun websites to brush up on your maths knowledge and practise your tables!


This term we will be looking at the topic of Walls and Barricades where we will have the opportunity to investigate some of the world's most iconic walls. From the Great Wall of China to Warwick Castle's walls we will be studying why they were built and what they meant to the people of that time. The term will begin with Robert Frost's timeless poem Mending Walls which encourages to think about what the purpose of barriers is for- to keep out or to keep in?

Walls from Around the World


In Science this term we will be learning about electricity and creating a range of circuits. We will investigate how to intensify bulb brightness and develop a range of circuits for different purposes. We will then be looking at where we source our electricity and the implications this has for the environment.

Art and DT

This term we will be embarking on Project Smoothie where you will have the opportunity to develop your own smoothie drink. The class will have the chance to develop their own brand, label and product which they must then put before a panel of judges who will decide which is the winning product! The winning product will then be marketed to the whole school.


Monday - Numeracy Home Learning taken home. Reading books.

Wednesday -  Reading books

Thursday - Deadline for weekly homework. Mental Maths books to be in.

Friday - Spelling test and new spelling given out. Reading books.Weekly homework set.

Both indoor and outdoor PE kit to be in for Monday and Friday.

Parental Information sheet Autumn term