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To start the beginning of a new academic year we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's An Eagle in the Snow. This is a gripping tale about a boy who whilst being evacuated from Coventry during the Second World War has an encounter with a soldier from World War One. The story the boy hears has him enthralled and eager to discover what happens.

The text will help inspire the children to write a variety of genres including short stories based in a historical background, newspaper reports and diary recounts.


If you are keen to read more Michael Morpurgo books based on either of the two world wars have a look for Private Peaceful, War Horse or Flamingo Boy- all superb tales!


Year 6 Spellings- Words you should know if you want to win the daily spelling challenge


We will begin the year by focusing on place value,ordering and rounding.We will then take a look at calculations and develop an understanding of when it is best to use mental strategies and when to use written procedures- long multiplication and long division. Towards the end of the half term we will work on word problems, handling data and introduce algebra.

Below are some links to fun websites to brush up on your maths knowledge and practise your tables!


It is the 100th anniversary this year since the end of World War I- once called, 'The war to end all wars'. We will be focusing on both great wars and gaining a better understanding of what were the causes behind them, where they took place and how they affected the lives of those fighting on the frontline and those at home. Although we will be looking at both world wars the main focus during this topic will be on World War II.

Watch a World War 2 Documentary for Children. World War 2 for Kids in Elementary School Cartoon

Watch a World War 2 Documentary for Children. This is a good fun facts about World War 2 for Kids in Elementary School Cartoon. Enjoy our educational videos for students cartoon network (CN). Official Website: Youtube Channel: Facebook: Facebook: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "U.S.


In Science this term we will be studying how different materials change their form when affected by external and internal factors? Think about what happens to chocolate when it gets warm- what happens if you heat chocolate in a pan or put it in the freezer? We will be carrying out a range of practical experiments to discover these chemical reactions. If you are keen to learn more on this topic then take a looka the sites below.

Art and DT

This term we will be studying and imitating the work of World War artist Paul Nash and gaining a better understanding of how he communicated his feelings about the war through art. His work will be compared to the propaganda posters of World War II and the class will get a better understanding of how politics works through art. 



Monday - Numeracy Home Learning taken home. Reading books.

Wednesday -  Reading books

Thursday - Deadline for weekly homework. Mental Maths books to be in.

Friday - Spelling test and new spelling given out. Reading books.Weekly homework set.

PE kit and swimming kit in for lessons

parental information sheet Autumn 2018

Parental Information sheet Autumn term