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Year 1


Welcome to our Year 1 Class Page!

We hope that you will find our page useful to help you and your child enjoy a successful journey through Year 1!

Mrs Geals, Miss Hanson & Miss Kilminster.

This Half Term we will be focusing on many interesting and exciting subjects.



In our Topic work the children will learn all about polar environments and other regions of the world. We will be using maps to help us find the different continents of the world. They will also be finding out about Shackleton the famous polar explorer. The children will also compare Victorian school days with modern schooling and how they differ. We will be holding a Victorian school day in the second half of the term to immerse the children in the way schools were.

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Costume Ideas

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Costume Ideas  2
Costume Ideas  3


In Literacy the children will focus on writing information texts about a range of subjects and begin to develop their research skills. They will look at patterned language within a text and imitate this in their own writing. Poetry will form a strong part of the literacy curriculum, not only in understanding the patterns in a poem, but also the recognition of rhyme. The children will begin to understand how stories are formed and use a familiar tale to base their own stories on. We will be working on the use of prefixes, suffixes and sentence structure. They will be introduced to a range of punctuation to enhance their writing skills. Children will continue to have a daily session of phonics. New sounds that we cover will be consolidated in the weekly set of spellings.


Our Maths lessons will include a focus on understanding place value and ordering numbers and using our skills in addition and subtraction to solve number problems and puzzles. We will introduce the concepts of multiples, dividing and fractions in a practical way. We will investigate mass and weight, using kg and g standard units and from this be able to compare masses of different objects. We will explore the features of 3D shapes and begin to use the everyday language of position and direction. The children will continue their work on money and finding amounts. We will learn about the months of the year and the seasons.

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In Science we will be learning about our bodies for the first half term. We will name and label different parts of the body and what we use them for. We will also investigate our five senses. After half term we will learn about a range of plants, including familiar garden plants, wild plants and trees. We will name parts of plants and observe plant growth.


In computing we will be learning how to log on to the computers and be able to use our logins and passwords independently.

Computing will focus on creating 2D animations using 2Animate and also programming Beebots to follow directions.

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We will look at helping the children to understand how they learn and how to set realistic targets for themselves. We will help the children to be able to have confidence in themselves when facing problems. We will also investigate a range of relationships that are important to the children, both at home and in school. We will find out how to improve these relationships and nurture them.


Our PE focus will be gymnastic skills for the first half term, followed by indoor games skills in the second half term. PE will continue to be on Thursdays. Please ensure that your child has a named PE kit in school. This is a white T-shirt, black shorts and indoor pumps.

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During our Music sessions we will be incorporating singing, instruments and games to help the children to appreciate a range of musical genres, including Baroque, Blues and Latin. We will be learning and performing songs, using different techniques in vocals.

Home Learning

Home Learning will consist of the Literacy and Maths books that you and your child are already familiar with. The Numeracy books will be given out on a Monday and are due back on a Friday. The Literacy books will be given out on a Friday to be returned the following Monday.

Spellings will be given out on a Monday to be tested the following Monday and Mental Maths challenges based on Total Recall targets will be set on a Friday to be tested the Friday following.


Reading is a vital aspect of your child’s ongoing progress in both developing their reading skills, but also in enhancing their understanding of the text and improving their writing skills. Please ensure that you read with your child at least three times per week and write any notes in their home readers. Your comments and observations in this record diary is very informative and helpful for us in supporting your child’s reading development. The home readers should be brought in every day and we will change their books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Parent Partnership

We are looking forward to seeing you at Parents’ evening on 5th or 6th of March. If you have any immediate concerns or issues, please contact us and we will arrange a suitable time to meet after school.

Parental information sheet Spring 2019

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