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Year 5


Please ensure that you are learning your lines and the songs for the Christmas performance!


Costumes need to be in school by Wednesday 6th December at the latest. 


Year 5 will be performing on Monday 11th December at 6pm. Please be in school by 5:30pm.





This half term, we will be exploring the wonderful work of children's author Michael Morpurgo. The text we will be studying is Kensuke's Kingdom.


Michael is a young boy whose life changes when he and his family (not forgetting the faithful hound, Stella Artois) decide to leave home and travel the world on their yacht. Unfortunately, a series of events leaves Michael and Stella overboard and washed up on an uninhabited island, or is it?


We will explore the use of figurative language, the way Morpurgo conveys emotions through the text and examine the relationship between the characters.

If you enjoyed this text, why not try other titles by Michael Morpurgo?
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In maths, we will be developing our knowledge statistics by presenting information on bar graphs and line graph. We will also be recognising how we can interpret the information presented on these, in addition to tables and times tables. 


Following this we will be furthering our knowledge of shape and measures, including calculating perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes! 



Below you can find the links to some useful and fun maths activities.


This half term we will be developing our knowledge and understanding of electricity! We will be looking at the difference between series and parallel circuits and investigating the effect the length of the wire in a ciruit has on the brightness of a bulb.


To defend or divide? That is the question! 


This half term our topic is 'Walls and Barricades'.


We will be finding out about famous walls around the world, including the Great Wall of China, Hadrian's Wall, The Berlin Wall and the Walls of Troy. We will also be studying Warwick Castle.




In year 5, children are given homework twice per week.

Mondays: Maths homework (due in Thursday).

Thursdays: English homework (due in Monday)



Pupils are also expected to read at least three times a week and learn tables for their CLIC and Big Maths tests. Reading books are changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Library books are changed every Thursday.



Spellings are given out every Friday and tested the following Friday. We would appreciate you spending time with your child, learning these for their weekly test.



Physical Education takes place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure that pupils have their kit with them on these days. For indoor PE, children need to wear a white t-shirt and black shorts with pumps or trainers. We would appreciate it if you could ensure your children have the correct kit.