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Year 5



This half term, we will be studying a narrative poem by Alfred Noyes called 'The Highwayman'.


This follows the tragic story of a highway thief and the girl he loves; Bess, the landlord's daughter. 

The children will complete a variety of activities to enhance their understanding of the story and they will put themselves into the shoes of different characters to understand view points.


We will also be developing our skills of performing poetry.


As you thoroughly enjoyed studying Kensuke's Kingdom, why not try other titles by Michael Morpurgo? Take a look below at some of his work.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6


In maths, we will be developing our skills of working mentally and using written procedures. We will be furthering our knowledge of place value, rounding and ordering to include decimals.


We will also be looking at how to compare, order, add and subtract fractions by finding the lowest common multiple.


Towards the end of this half term we will be working on shape and space. Our focus will be on recognizing angles and learning how to draw and measure them using protractors. We will also be looking at how to calculate the area of regular and composite shapes, including triangles.



Below you can find the links to some useful and fun maths activities.


This half term we will be developing our knowledge and understanding of evolution and inheritance. We will be looking at the different ways animals and plants have evolved and adapted to suit the challenges of their environments. We will also be looking at famous scientists who have worked in this field, such as Charles Darwin and Carl Linnaeus. 


Do you have what it takes to travel long distances by boat and then battle?


This half term out topic is 'Rule Britannia!'


We will be studying the Vikings and looking at where they came from and where they settled in the UK. We will be learning about Viking longships, their features and what it  took to be a Viking sailor. 


The Vikings are famous for being raiders so we will be researching the events at Lindisfarne and taking on the role of reporters as we write newspaper articles about what happened.




In year 5, children are given homework twice per week.

Mondays: Maths homework (due in Thursday).

Thursdays: English homework (due in Monday)



Pupils are also expected to read at least three times a week and learn tables for their CLIC and Big Maths tests. Reading books are changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is expected that children read at home at least three times a week.



Library books are changed every Thursday.



Spellings are given out every Friday and tested the following Friday. We would appreciate you spending time with your child, learning these for their weekly test.



This term Year 5 are swimming. Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit in on TUESDAYS.