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Year 3


This term, year three will be reading Stone Age Boy and Stig of the Dump as part of our topic on The Stone Age. Children will be creating their own stories, recounts, poems and reports. Mr York will be teaching pupils weekly Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons as well as completing comprehension activities. Stay tuned for examples of writing on this page over the next few weeks.

As well as English lessons, pupils will complete weekly spelling tests. Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the Friday afterwards. 


Pupils will complete maths every day at school as well as completing Total Recall and CLIC tests on a weekly basis. Please support your child in learning their tables and mental arithmetic targets. 


In Science this term, pupils will be looking at the topics of Rocks and Forces. They will be completing a number of experiments, from testing the 'toughness' of rocks to measuring the force needed to overcome the friction on different masses of blocks. Pictures of their experiments will be posted on this page over the next few weeks.


This term, the class will be completing the topics of Stone Age and Extreme Survival. Children will be learning what life was like in the different eras within the Stone Age and also learning how people and animals survive in harsh conditions. 

A Day in the Life Of A 10-Year-Old in Ancient Britain - Hands on History - BBC

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: More information: Eric's latest adventure takes him to the Stone Age (the Mesolithic period to be exact) where he travels by dugout boat to the family's winter camp and shows off his hunting skills to terrified rodents. Eric is played by Daniel Roche from Outnumbered.


In computing this term, children will be creating their own vlogs and learning how to program different sprites to make them move and change their appearance. 

The Wider Curriculum...

But that's not all! The children will be completing a number of other exciting topics in a variety of subjects; from R and B in music, hockey in PE and learning about a number of faiths and beliefs in RE. Information about all of these exciting subjects can be found in our Parental Newsletter below and pictures will appear here throughout the year. 

The Year 3 Timetable

Monday - Maths homework due in. English homework is given out. Reading books due in. PE lesson p.m. 

Tuesday - Hockey PE lesson a.m. 

Wednesday - Reading books due in. 

Thursday - Normal timetable.

Friday - English homework due in. Maths homework given out. Reading books due in. Spellings given out and tested from week before.


What can you do?

  • Help by reading with your children for at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Assist pupils with learning their spellings and tables.
  • Go over their homework with them.
  • Make sure that PE kits and reading books are in on the correct day.
  • Speak to the class teacher or TA if you have any concerns. 

Want to know what exciting things we are up to during the week?

Click below to download the Autumn timetable.