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Year 4

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This term, the children will be learning a range of different texts all related to the topics of Britain from the Air and The Great War. We will be writing poems in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson, imagining what it would be like to ride in a hot air balloon and finding out information about the events of the First World War and creating our own scripts and newspaper articles.

As well as daily English lessons, the children will be continuing with their weekly GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) lessons with Mrs Charman, undertaking regular comprehension tasks, completing weekly guided reading and handwriting practice and completing weekly spellings in class.


Every day, as part of our guided reading time, children are given time to practice Year 4 high frequency words. We would ask that parents help their children to learnt these at home for their spelling tests on Friday.


By the end of year 4 children should know all of their times tables ( including 11x and 12x tables) . With this in mind, children are given the opportunity to learn their Total Recall targets each week. These comprise of different mental mathematics techniques and tables. Each target a pupil passes results in a new badge being earnt. Have a look at our Total Recall page for more details!

In addition to this, pupils also complete daily CLIC sessions and tests to develop their mental strategies each week.


Learning your tables can be fun and you will pick them up in no time at all if you practise on a regular basis. Why not try playing some of the fun multiplication games below to brush up on your skills. If you want to go for a quick fire game play Hit the Button and see if you can beat your score!

If you're looking for a good way to review the rules of measuring time this is a brilliant site which looks at many different areas of calculating time; 24 hour clocks, converting from analogue to digital, working out journeys and many other areas which will help you make sense of time.
Nrich has some great activities- one which is particularly interesting is the one on multiplying madness. Have a browse and learn some fascinating things with this maths site


In computing this term, the children will continue to learn how to code using Scratch in addition to creating their own songs using Super Duper Music Looper. Later in the term, pupils will be creating their own vlogs using iMovie. Naturally, using the internet means that pupils will also be learning about aspects of esafety and netiquette throughout the half term.


This term, in art, the children will be looking at and creating their own Roman Mosaics, linked to our current topic. 



In Science this term, the class have been looking at sound.. They have learnt about how sound travels, what can stop sound from reaching your ears and the inner workings of the auditory system. They have also completed a number of experiments in groups to test the volume and pitch of different instruments. We are now moving onto the topic of Electricity where the children will learn about insulators and conductors, series and parallel circuits and range of different components.


In RE and PSHE this term, children have been learning about how to build a community and include people in a group. We have visited a Sikhk Gudwara  to learn about their customs and beliefs. We have also visited a Buddhist hermatige and have been visited by a member of the Quaker faith.

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Important Information

Reading books- books will be changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Books should be changed twice weekly. (Please ensure parents sign what you have read otherwise your book can't be exchanged.)


Spelling- new sets of words go out on Friday and need to be practiced daily before the test on Friday.


P.E. kit- P.E. kit should be in every day please. Currently, children have PE lessons on a Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. 


Library books- books will be changed every Monday.


Maths learning- work will be sent home on Friday and needs to be returned to school by the following Monday please.


English learning- books go out on Monday and are returned to school no later than Friday please.


We would ask that you help your children to complete 20 minutes of homework per night. This comprises of a minimum of 10 minutes reading, 5 minutes of spelling practice and 5 minutes of Total Recall revision.


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