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Bishopton School is fortunate to include a range of talented and caring professionals. Not sure who everyone is?

Why not have a look at the profiles below...

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Mr Hunt has overall responsibility for the                              Mrs Charman (formerly Miss Toates)   school and co-ordinates Planning                                         is the deputy head teacher and

 and Assessment, Child Protection and PE                           co-ordinates Numeracy and Assessment.

                                                                                                   She is also a Year 4 teacher.



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Miss Carter and Miss Hanson teach our Reception class. Miss Carter is our Literacy Co-ordinator and is a County based moderator. She is also Key Stage 1 leader.  Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Tedstone are the TAs in Reception. 
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Miss Allard is the Year 1 teacher and                                                Miss King is the Year 2 teacher and

co-ordinates Science and Gifted and                                                co-ordinates PSHE and History. 

Talented. She is also Key Stage 2 leader.

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Mrs Geals is the Year 3 teacher, DT and                         Mrs Burton is the School's RSC Representative,

Art coodinator for the school.                                         Shakespeare Champion and  RE Coordinator.

                                                                                            She teaches Year 3.

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Mr York  covers PPA.  He also helps                                      Mr Greygoose teaches Year 4. He runs

to run the school sports clubs.   He is also                           the School Choir, computing clubs

a keen mathematician.                                                             and coordinates Music and






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          Miss Wain is the year 5 teacher.                                               Miss Stepien is the year 5/6 teacher.            She specialises in Science.                                                      She also provides support for the                                                                                                                     Polish community within the school.


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          Mrs Graver is the Year 6 Teacher. 

          She runs the School's Drama club                                                                                                               and coordinates MFL.

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Mrs Hughes is the school SENCO and leads singing practise as well as helping to run the school choir. Mrs McMullen and Mrs Finley are Specialist Teaching Assistants and Mrs Mobley is a Speech and Language Therapist.

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The school's invaluable teaching assistants work within classes to support and enhance learning and manage focus and intervention groups.
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Mrs Clee is our Office Manager and has an important role in helping the school to run smoothly.



School Governors


Mr Hunt - Headteacher 

Mrs Clee  - Clerk

Mr. Penn - Chair

Mr Harwood - Vice Chair 

Miss Carter

Mrs Strangwood

Mrs Smith

Mrs Abercrombie

Mrs MacVie

Ms A Sturman