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Tour of Our School

1. Our school


This is our school! There are always plenty of activities in and out of school to join in with such as cooking, dancing, gardening, sport and many more. We enjoy working with the community and have had visits from authors, artists, sports coaches and theatre companies. Bishopton takes part in the wider community by celebrating special events with others, performing on stages and multicultural festivals, visiting other primary and secondary schools to further the children's education and taking part in local sport events. 


2. Our playground


This is our playground. We have a quiet, seated area for children to read books and socialise. We have a magnetic wall games to use on the side of the buildings and a brand new  climbing and activities area. Throughout the year, we grow our own vegetables in our gardening area.







3.School Field


This is where we like to play in the Summer, we now have trees and an adventure area which we really love!! Miss Hanson looks after the school's vegetable garden here too with the support of the gardening club.  Bishopton enjoys using the outdoor areas to further the children's learning.





4. Adventure Area


We are very proud of our playground equipment which includes things to climb, swing and balance on. We enjoy using this during our lunchtimes . It has recently been extended and many more fun things have been added for us to use.







5. School Library


 This is our school library, it is stocked with fiction and non-fiction books to suit all key stages. We enjoy using this space for reseach, guided reading and small group work activities. We are often donated new books and enjoy related events such as national book weeks.







6. ICT Suite


This is our ICT suite, it is air-conditioned and equipped with 15 Windows 7 computers and microphone sets.  Each classroom has it's own interactive whiteboard and computer or laptops. Bishopton has implemented Wireless networking in order to make ICT learning more flexible.  We also use digital cameras, podcasting equipment and flip video cameras in some of our lessons. We use the We-Learn Platform to communicate with others and photos of school activites are displayed on the LCD screen in our reception.


7. Reception Classroom


This is the reception classroom. It is a large, colourful and a welcoming environment for our younger children to play and learn. Attached to this classroom is our speech and language unit. Parents of Bishopton have supported our school by helping to create a beautiful outdoor area for our younger children for them to discover more about the world around them. They also have their own additional playground.



8. Reception's Outdoor Area


Our Reception children love their outdoor space which includes their very own playground, sandpit, climbing frame, bicycle zone, garden and pond/water area.











9. Outdoor reading area


This is our outdoor reading area. We like to use this at playtimes and lunchtimes to sit quietly with our friends or to read and share our favourite books.







Reception Wildlife Area

 This is our wildlife garden, we are growing our own vegetables and strawberries this year. 














At Bishopton we really enjoy our school dinners. Each day a healthy menu is prepared and we have a lot of choice of which food we would like to eat. We are very much part of Government drive to provide children with healthy diets.







School Hall


This is our School hall where we have our assemblies, special activites and music days. On Friday afternoons, we share our work with our parents and perform class activities. Our country dancers use the hall to practise for events and it is a place where we can all join together to celebrate our achievements.






This is our all weather tyre area where we like to play at lunchtimes - it was an idea suggested by the school council!







Vegetable Garden


This is our vegetable patch where we like to grow our own produce such as carrots, potatoes and peas. Our gardening club looks after the patch and other bushes and trees on the school field.








Year 1


Mrs Geals and Mrs Burton teach Year 1 in this room.













Year 2


Miss King teaches in here. .











Mr Greygoose and Mr York teach Year 3 in this new classroom.











Year 4


This is the classroom for Year 4. Miss Allard teaches in here. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. The children have been researching and learning about the Romans.











Year 5


Miss Wain teaches Class 5.











Year 6


This is the classroom for Year 6. Mrs Graver teaches in here.