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History of the School

Bishopton Primary School is a modern purpose built school that caters for children aged between four and eleven years.The first part of the school was built in 1977 to serve a new housing estate that lay between the Alcester Road and Bishopton Lane.


The construction of 3 brand new purpose built Key Stage 2 classrooms and a shared resource area was started in January 2004.  The building was completed in May 2004 and the children moved into a wonderful facility for teaching and learning.  This meant that we had 5 spacious well equipped classrooms throughout the school.  Over the summer 2008 due to increasing numbers we created an additional classroom, and following this in 2009 we have had another superb classroom classroom built for our Year 6 children. This year we have progressed to having seven working classrooms meaning we now have single aged classes throughout the school, with less than 30 pupils in each class, some having as little as 20.


The school benefits from a well equipped computer room with 16 of the latest PC’s, iPads and wi-fi technology; a child friendly library full of wonderful books that was re-sited and extended over last Summer; a secure and stimulating outdoor play area for our Reception children; and expansive grounds for Physical Education, outdoor environmental activities and recreational use at break and lunchtimes. We have also recently built a new play and climbing area and quiet reading area for all classes to use at lunchtime.


We have our own gardening area which we all take part in to look after and regularly grow our own produce.


The school is a modern, semi-open plan building with excellent facilities and a strong, ‘family’ feel to it.  It has been described as a town school with a village school atmosphere, in which teachers, parents and all who are part of the school, work together for the benefit of the children.


There is also a private nursery on site that provides excellent facilities and activities for pre-school children.


In April 2008 The Local Authority installed a children’s centre on the Bishopton Site, which now provides many additional facilities for the local community.


More recently, in September 2015, building started on a new phase of the school which will result in this school being able to accommodate 2 classes per year group instead of 1. This building work will also incorporate a larger school hall, new updated classrooms and learning envronments as well as a new computing suite. Construction is due to be completed by September 2016. Read the Stratford Herald report for further details!

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UPDATE: March 2016

After a large amount of digging, drilling and building, the transformation of the school is progressing well. Much of the Key Stage 1 building has been completed, as have new car parking facilities and a two-storey Key Stage 2 block. We hope that these will be ready for the new classes in September!


The children were even given the opportunity to bury a time capsule under the Key Stage 1 building. This contained pictures, fact files and objects from the school. We hope that, many years from now, people will be able to understand what learning and life was like in Stratford in 2016!

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UPDATE: April 2016

Over the Easter holidays, the school building really started to take shape. The front KS1 area of the building has now been completed and has started to be decorated inside. In addition, the rear KS2 area, with its 2 floors, is on course to be completed ready for the start of the next academic year. This is an exciting time for everyone in the school and we all look forward to being able to utilise the increased amount of space and resources that this building project will bring.

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UPDATE: June 2016

As the academic year continues, so does the development of our new fantastic building. The Key Stage 1 block has now been completed and Reception children are enjoying using their new classroom. More recently, the new school offices have been built and the entrance to the school is now back to its original position! 

Work on the Key Stage 2 area of the school is on schedule too. The hall has been enlarged and a number of additional classrooms have been added too. We all very much look forward to seeing what it looks like inside the new block in the near future! 

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Update: July 2016


With just a few weeks to go before the end of the academic year, the building of the Key Stage 2 area is going well. The playground has been tarmacked and the inside of the building is being decorated. We all look forward to moving in over the summer holidays.

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September 2016


The new school building is now being used to great effect. We are fortunate to have a new music room, spare classrooms where groups can be taught on a 1:1 or small group basis and a dedicated room for BASH and SEND interventions. We also have new goal posts and a small allotment area on the field. Fancy a look round? Why not pop in and see us and get the tour?

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Got Google Cardboard? Why not download the image below and save it on your phone. Then you can see what it is like to actually be here!